Core Value & Vision

Astro Tech Co., Ltd. has been manufacturing high-quality Al alloy, carbon e-bikes, and top-of-the-line full suspension frames for both OEM and ODM products since 1991, and serves a global market, with our primary customers located in Europe and North America. 

We possess extensive experience and expertise in the production of bicycle frames, ensuring product quality and production efficiency. We collaborate with our clients to bring products to market quickly, enhancing their market competitiveness.

Additionally, we have a dedicated design and development team capable of creating competitive new products based on market and customer needs. We offer a comprehensive one-stop service, from concept design and prototype creation to mass production, meeting the unique requirements of different markets.

Our dedicated team is committed to fostering strong partnerships with employees, suppliers, and customers, while driving innovation in products, management, and technology. We offer collaborative design and engineering services throughout the development process.

Our goal is to deliver the best and highest-performing products to the world, while staying true to our values of sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Our Core Value 

Integrity & Loyalty

We stay honest and truth to our business strategy.  We stay loyal to our collaborate partners including workers, suppliers and customers. 

Innovation & Evolution
Continuous Innovation and Evolution in management, products, manufacture and every aspects is our spirit.

Our Vision
To create best quality, high sustainable, and top performance bicycle frames for world cyclist.